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Wedding Songs That Tell Your Love Story

Wedding Songs That Tell Your Love Story

Wedding songs are like a soundtrack. Individually, each may be gorgeous, interesting or funny, and together they tell a story. Whether you want, traditional instrumentals like the harp I often get requested to play or a modern rock ballad to go with my guitar skills! The songs you choose for your wedding will be as unique as your relationship. Along with your dress, wedding invitation and colour scheme, wedding songs will set the mood on your big day and be the music that stimulates up happy memories for the rest of your life.

I know choosing songs with a couple is a special part of the planning. What couple hasn’t discussed their first dance options or what girl hasn’t chatted with her friends and family about the ideal song to walk down to aisle to. So many couples I consult with have ‘their song’ the song that means the most to them. The song maybe of their first dance or the song playing when they first met so when I meet with a couple I love hearing their ideas and stories. We often begin to choose the music together by listening to their relationship stories.
Recently after consulting with a couple for months before the wedding, we choose the songs on the sample set below. When I meet a couple very often I ask the couple what kind of music they like, what artists they like to listen to . If there is a song they really love but sometimes is  unsuitable because of lyrics, most songs can be performed as an instrumental piece.  I play a range of instruments the flute, harp, gutiar and paino so I can make it work !!  Their music choices should encapsulate happiness and love and in years to come the music they choose will hold wonderful memories of a wonderful day.


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