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Kids At Weddings

Kids At Weddings

First thing you consider when putting together your guest list do you invite kids to the wedding? This is a dilemma facing many couple especially if you come from a large family with lots of children. It's often a divided opinion some think its magical to see kids their others thinks it just ends up being a disaster.
So who do you invite?           
Firstly, don't feel as though having kids at your wedding opens it up to everyone under 13. Although it may seem tough not to invite some children, it's perfectly
fine only to invite children who are part of your or your fiancé’s family. If you let yourself get caught up in the drama of "Why wasn't my child invited?!" you're
going to find yourself in a big (and expensive) mess, with every child of every random guest coming out of the woodwork looking for an invitation. Be definiant,
and tell people you're sorry you can't include everyone -- that you're trying to limit the guest list
You have to clear to everyone and don’t waver on requests from guests. Often times parents tend to assume their kids are invited especially if you add family to the invitation envelope.  If you aren't including children but someone RSVPs for theirs, you may be put in the awkward position of having to call them to let them know you're sorry but you couldn't invite everyone's children.

Entertaining the Kids
Many couples planning weddings with little guests on the list panic that the kiddies will be bored silly, drive their parents insane, or worse, run riot.... The secret to having a stress-free reception for both the parents and the couple when having children at weddings is to be prepared and provide lots of kid-friendly fun.

  • Have a “kids’ table” and stock it with crayons and colouring books… lots of crayons.
  • Put a centrepiece on the kids’ table that can be played with later. (some toys like Lego)
  • Gift each kid a pocket-sized Etch-A-Sketch (Cheap and accessible in the euro shops)                                
  • Hire a babysitter to make sure the kids are having fun (and keeping out of trouble).
  • If you are having an outdoor wedding some outdoor games maybe a bouncy castle
  • Wi-Fi passwords readily available are also possibility
  • Have a goodie/party bag for the kids - stock with some crackers, juice and some treats
  • Maybe choose a few songs for the kids (Let it go !!) and have some glow sticks available for them
  • Some bubbles for the kids

Being a mother myself and also when I was getting married I was faced with all those questions the best advice I can give, those related to children should be handled quickly to avoid awkward questions from parents who need to make plans.



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