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Due to the unprecedented times that we are in and the current uncertainty, please rest assured that if you have paid a deposit and need to re-schedule, your booking will be honoured. If re-scheduling, can you please do so as soon as possible to secure a future suitable date. I will do all I can to facilitate you. 

Thank you, Brenda.

Wedding Day Disasters

With all the months, money and time you have spent on planning your wedding, of course you want it to be perfect. There are things that even the most well prepared Wedding Planner just can’t avoid. But the truth is that it's the unplanned for, crazy moments that you will recall with laughs and love over the next half-century

Signage - A huge problem we encounter in Ireland is bad signage. Certain churches or hotels are not well sign posted and sometimes written in Irish which doesn’t help guest outside Ireland and even people in Ireland !! So it’s important that guests know how to get to the church or reception. Even with the best GPS sometimes you can’t find some places in rural Ireland. So make sure to include clear directions in the invites. Post signage at big junctions near the church as often if people are unsure of reception directions they can find out at the church.

Wedding Dress disasters with make-up - You’ve thrown your dress over your head and are now left with a near-perfect imprint of your face on the front of it. Your make-up artist will be well used to the precautions to take when putting on your dress so as not to stain it, but if you are doing your make up yourself, make sure you were a clean towel/cloth over your dress when you put it on. The same goes for touch ups. Have a clean white cloth in your make-up bag/emergency kit to stick over your dress whenever the lipstick or powder comes out.

Fake Tan Disasters - You’ve woken up looking like oompaloompa!! For some people, fake tan is a necessary evil in their beauty regime and is a much safer way to distinguish your skin from your white dress than sunbeds. Some recommendations always have a trial of the tan you want to use; if you opt for a spray tan, make sure the girl who did your trial is the person doing your tan for the day; get tan done three days before your wedding day so it has time to settle; exfoliate and moisturise before application.

N ot being able to walk in shoes - Your wedding shoes are beautiful, and perfect for sitting down in.It goes without saying that you need to wear in your shoes before you attempt to leave the house in them. Try wearing the shoes around for a few days before the event. I often see so many people walking around in pain. If you can, buy two pairs of shoes and keep the killer designer pair for photos and for the dinner. For brides walking up the aisle try to be as comfortable as possible and if that means flats or kitten heels, so be it! Gel foot inserts (Party Feet) and plasters to comfort those poor feet…




It's the morning of and it's raining this is never a surprise if you are living in Ireland. Even if your wedding ceremony and reception will be inside, you have to get to the chapel without messing up your dress and hair. Plus, now you can't take photos outside in front of your favorite spots like you planned. But there are solutions send a bridesmaid or close friend to buy a dozen umbrellas for you and your bridal party (even better if you can get them in your wedding colors!). When it's time to take pictures, grab a pair of cute rain boots and a matching umbrella for a romantic photo shoot.

But the truth is that the more you prepare for this situation the less disastrous it will seem. Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to be the worse thing ever . Embrace the situation and make the most if it.

Most of all enjoy the day.



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