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Just got engaged? Planning a wedding

Got Engaged - Planning A Wedding

Let's face it, wedding planning can be a bit of a headache; coordinating all the different bits and pieces. The first big decisions to make are:


What kind of wedding do you want?

Church Ceremony or Civil CeremonyRight hand side

If it's a church ceremony - are you both the same religion? Any preferences what church is your heart set on your local one or does it matter to either of you?

If you're thinking about a civil ceremony, are you thinking registry office or would you like to get married at venue?

Small and Intimate Party or Bigger everyone is Invited wedding…

Are you dreaming of a big day with all the trimmings, or an intimate family wedding? Go with what makes you comfortable and what will make you and your partner happy.


Planning wedding needs to start usually about 2 years before the wedding day….

  • Sit down with your other half and discuss your ideal wedding  to make sure you're on the same page
  • Draw up a budget
  • Start planning the guest list. Decide on approximate number of guests.
  • Pick potential wedding dates - check with important guests to avoid clashes (other weddings, big sports events, bank holiday weekend )
  • Research potential wedding venues and ceremony locations. 
  • Decide on who would like in the wedding party.

12 Months before the WeddingGroomsmenn

  • Visit and book your reception venue and ceremony location
  • Research potential wedding services and suppliers - photographer, florist, invitations, cake, decor, music, hair and makeup.
  • Decide what type of entertainment you want for ceremony, drinks reception and dancing
  • Book Photographer
  • Book Videographer
  • Start your wedding dress research
  • Book ceremony music, band and DJ for reception
  • Book honeymoon
  • Order wedding cake
  • Book Groomsmen’s Suits
  • Book Pre-Marriage Course


Often going to wedding Expo’s during planning gives you a chance to meet suppliers see what is out there and negotiate prices and arrange further consultations with them to outline exactly what you need.

I recommend doing a little research on suppliers, check their social media pages; this often allows you to read over reviews see what they can offer. For example I post a lot of my music online and testimonials from couples. I feel it gives the couples some ideas as to what music they can choose, what songs sound like on the wedding day and see what other couples decided to use and how they felt on the day,


Planning your Church Singer?

I recommend coupled get in touch with me anytime between 12 - 24 months before the ceremony.  During consultation I go through the musical options available. The instruments I use the songs I can perform and discuss price packages. I often meet couples in person or couples often skype me.

.Bookings can be made on my website  with an online booking form and payment through paypal is an option.  I can be contacted throughout the process through my Facebook page or my email. Then 4 -5 months in advance of the ceremony we decide on a selection of songs and music. Once songs and music are chosen the list is then shown to the celebrant for approval. Once the songs and music are approved they can be printed into the ceremony booklet or scroll if the couple so wish.  I then confirm everything a week before the ceremony.  

I often find planning early leaves couples more relaxed and gives them the opportunity to enjoy the whole experience.

The best is yet to come

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